2017 Festival Schedule

The schedule below is considered stable, but is still subject to change. A format more suitable for printing will be made available in due course.

For presenter biographies and topic descriptions, visit the featured presenter page. For more information about the musicians and other performers, you will find that information on that page as well. Click here to learn more about the presenters, performers, and musicians.

Grounds open Wednesday afternoon (to set up tents, etc)

Thursday (Aug. 3)The "Athanatos" TentThe "Imago Dei" TentThe "Eagle and Child" TentLocation TBA/Other
5:00 PMEmily Roig
6:00 PMCommunity Alliance Church Worship Team
Luke Mielke
"Christians and Media (using but not being used)"
7:00 PMRichard Weikart
"Why Ideas Are Important: Reflections on the Value of Truth"
Luke Mielke
"How to Make a Book Marketing Strategy"
8:00 PMRichard Weikart
"The Death of Humanity: Are Humans Intrinsically Valuable or a Cosmic Accident?"
Luke Mielke
"Film: Entertainment or Ministry?"
9:00 PMAlyssa Catlin
(music -- classical guitarist)
10:30 PMMovie (TBA)

Friday (Aug. 4)The "Athanatos" TentThe "Imago Dei" TentThe "Eagle and Child" TentLocation TBA/Other
8:30 AMEmily Roig
Informal morning music
9:30 AMAnthony Horvath
"Why is the American Church in Steep Decline?"
"Kid's Zone" Open. Check tent for schedule of activities.
10:30 AMRichard Weikart
"Darwinism and the Death of Humanity: Does Darwinism Devalue Human Life?"
11:30 AMRichard Weikart
"Hitler’s Religion"
Lynn Fredrick
Author of Stand Firm: From the Darkness of Pornography and Sexual Sin into the Light of God's Grace."
12:30 PMLunch/Meet the Exhibitors
Volleyball/Other Games
1:30 PMLunch/Meet the Exhibitors
Volleyball/Other Games
2:30 PMDebbie Thompson
"Reading, Writing, and Apologetics"
Volleyball/Other Games
3:30 PMJoseph Courtemanche
"The mundane benefits of good writing"
Steven Massey
Author of Songs from the Pit, a book on his grief journey after his wife died suddenly.
Volleyball/Other Games
4:30 PMAlma
Ghazwan Saaid
Author of ISIS and the Smoke Ghost
Paul Larson
"Can Other Theories Explain Away the Resurrection?"
5:00 PMSaaid (continued)
with: Christian persecution in the Middle East
5:30 PMEmily Roig
Paul Larson
"How Can a good God Allow So Much Pain, Suffering, and Evil?"
7:00 PMMPK Christian Celtic Band
Joseph Keysor
"Another Holocaust? -- Comparing and contrasting abortion on demand with the Nazi Holocaust"
8:30 PMAlyssa Catlin
Darrin Crow
(professional storyteller) "City of Refuge- Finding a Home and Freedom in Pella, Iowa"
9:30 PM"The Big Band Theory"
10:30 PMBonfire
With "The Big Band Theory"

Saturday (Aug. 5)The "Athanatos" TentThe "Imago Dei" TentThe "Eagle and Child" TentLocation TBA/Other
8:30 AMHallel
Informal morning music
9:30 AMRichard Weikart
"Intellectuals Divorcing God from the Real World: Confronting the Fact-Value Dichotomy"
10:30 AMBernard Bull
"Faith, Relationships, and the Robotic Moment"
11:30 AMJoseph Courtemanche
"Realistic weapons in fiction – Don’t be a Google Commando"
Dylan Thompson
"Truth, Beauty, and Inorganic Chemistry"
12:30 PMLunch/Meet the Exhibitors
Musician Roundtable
(Roig, Catlin, Hallel, etc)
Volleyball/Other Games
2:00 PMAnthony Horvath
2017 Novel Contest Winners Announced followed by presentation: "Join the Side You're On"
Volleyball/Other Games
2:30 PMPresenter TBAVolleyball/Other Games
3:30 PMHallel
Tim Mielke
"Sharing the Truth Through Art"
Steven Massey
Volleyball/Other Games
4:30 PMPresentation tents closed in preparation for "The Passion Experience."Food and Exhibitor tents remain open.
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM"The Passion Experience"(An interactive dramatic re-enactment of Jesus' trial, death, and resurrection)Food and Exhibitor tents CLOSED.
Food and Exhibitor tents Re-Open.
10:00 PMCampfire

Sunday, Aug. 6th:

9:30 AM –– Morning Goodbyes, Festival Debriefing, Festival Tear Down (help much appreciated!)