Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I say your name?

AH-thawn-ah-tos.  It’s Greek.  Ask us what it means.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

Absolutely not.

Do I have to be an author or artist of some kind to attend?

Absolutely not.  Both artists and those who enjoy art are welcome.

If I am an author or artist, is there a specific reason I might want to attend?

Among its many other projects, Athanatos Christian Ministries publishes and promotes authors.  We believe strongly that Christians should engage our culture through the arts. The festival is a concrete expression of that viewpoint. Learn more at

What makes this event different than other Christian music festivals?

We have a broader purpose than Christian music festivals.  This is suggested by the name of the event:  it is not Athanatos Music Festival, it is Athanatos Arts (and Apologetics) Festival. Our goal is not to entertain, but to engage.  Not that we don’t want it to be entertaining!  The lectures and seminars are not afterthoughts for us.  They are an important part of the experience.  We want to stimulate conversations about important topics, and one way we want to have such conversations is in our culture through the arts: books, music, movies, drama, and so on.

Where do I sleep?

Your registration includes tent camping.  The nearest hotels are in Thorp and Neilsville, and beyond that, Marshfield.  You’ll have to pay a little more if you want to have your RV on site, but not much more.  There are no hook ups available for RVs.  If you think of this as a rustic camping experience, you will be on the right track.

There will be ‘porta potties.’

Is there electricity?

Not in the sense of there being hook ups for RVs, and not in the sense that you can just run an extension cord to your campsite.  The tents will be powered, however, and there will be places you can charge your phones.

Is there anything I shouldn’t bring?

Drugs and alcohol.   Or pets.  Or fireworks.

Is there anything I should bring?

Your own lawn chairs, and anything else you think will make your experience delightful.

Is there food and water?

We will have a food tent, but it would be wise to bring some of your own.  We will also have water bottles available for sale.

How far away is the city of Greenwood?

Only about 5 minutes away.  Greenwood has a gas station, post office, grocery store, dollar store, and the Kow Kickin’ Cafe, your place to get away for a home cooked meal.

Where do I park?

You can park right on the grounds.  If you do not plan on moving your vehicle once the festival begins, you can park right next to your tent. If you plan on visiting the surrounding area, please park in the designated parking area.

Are open fires allowed?

No.  There will be a bonfire on at least one of the nights.  Otherwise, you will have to limit yourself to a grill.

I am an artist/musician/author/painter/etc.  Can I present/perform at your event?

You can email the director, Anthony Horvath at for information about this. Basically, 2016 is booked up, but there are ‘open mic’ opportunities where people can come and perform or present without being booked.  If there is an available slot and you’re there, you can do your thing! There may be room still for 2017.

What can I do to be best prepared for this event?

Because we encourage our authors and artists to discuss their work and not just perform it, you may wish to purchase the books, music, movies, etc, in advance, so that you can acquaint yourself prior to interacting with the creators of the art. Materials will also be available for purchase at the event.