Paul J. Bennett, Author

Paul J. Bennett is the author of the historical fiction novel, A Fall of Sparrows, which won the 2014 Athanatos Christian Ministries novel contest.

Paul grew up in Bainbridge, Georgia and is a lifelong student of American history, especially the Civil War and the hardships associated with that tragic period. Having been raised on stories of American heroes, his greatest honor has been the opportunity to write about those heroes who loved their neighbors as themselves.

Paul attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia and there met his wonderful wife, Jenice. He currently lives in Forest, Virginia where he practices Internal Medicine. He has a special interest in black powder firearms, but the most enjoyable times during the day are always spent with his wife and their two sons James and Daniel.

Paul’s current writing projects include working on the sequel to A Fall of Sparrows and as a contributing writer to the My Time devotional from Thomas Road Baptist Church.  His ultimate dream and prayer is to develop A Fall of Sparrows into a trilogy.



Will Seymour is a Confederate sharpshooter who remains steadfast in his devotion to protect his home, but has found his humanity among the casualties of war. After becoming separated from his unit during battle, Will discovers Evaline, an escaped slave, while trying to locate his unit. Will’s initially unsympathetic demeanor changes drastically as the pair faces death from forces on both sides of the conflict.

Alone in the Virginia wilderness, the pair forms an unlikely bond as they struggle to survive. Will feels driven to help Evaline escape the war zone by crossing the Rappahannock River. The Confederate is determined to protect the young woman who becomes like a daughter to him. His commitment is put to the ultimate test when he is forced to match wits and skill against a lethal renegade sharpshooter.

Will’s mind is consumed by two burning uncertainties:

Can he protect the precious life now entrusted to his care? Will he ever see his beloved home again?


A Fall of Sparrows is not your typical Civil War novel. Instead, it is a fresh, unique approach to God’s Providence in the lives of two seemingly insignificant people; an escaped slave and a Confederate soldier. Filled with persistent danger and selfless sacrifice on every page, A Fall of Sparrows will leave you with the vivid memories of a true American hero and an intrepid young woman.