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The Athanatos Arts and Apologetics Festival is a Christian festival that aims to advance Christianity through powerful contributions to the culture.

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Coming August 4-7 to Greenwood, WI: a Christian arts festival! The Athanatos Festival features literature, film, and music. Deep issues will be explored, ranging from technology, theology, to human trafficking.  Learn more at christianartsfestival.us

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Coming August 4-7 to Greenwood, WI: The Athanatos Arts and Apologetics Festival!  Featuring literature, film, music, and other art forms, this Christian festival is a call to Christians to not only express themselves through the arts, but to do so wisely.  Whether you are an artist or one who enjoys art, the Athanatos Festival is for you.

Featured performers include award winning author Joseph Courtemanche, Christian filmmaker Mark Spence, and musician Sean Michel.  Each has an audience that goes beyond fellow Christians, which is an attitude and approach that the Athanatos Festival intends to deliberately cultivate.

Learn more and register at christianartsfestival.us


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